Blogging is a crucial aspect of every small business’ marketing strategy in this digital marketing era. A rich blog can amp up your website traffic organically, grow your brand’s authority, and define your brand and what you stand for.

Figuring that out is the easy part. What comes next after setting up the website? What should you write?

5 Blog Topic Ideas for Your Small Business

Here are five blog topic ideas to help you generate content for your small business:

Success Stories

People are inherently intrigued by transformation. So, give them that. You can talk about your business’ success – the journey from starting to getting to your current position. You can also tell them about someone else that you know personally, of course with their permission. These stories act as motivation. Your followers will love you for empowering them.

Review and Compare Peripheral Products

Don’t worry, this does not mean taking digs at your competitor. Just find products and services in your niche and describe the pros and cons. You can also compare them against similar products to help your audience know which one would serve them best. Product comparisons and reviews also serve another purpose. They let readers know what to look out for as having more authority on the topic helps you understand more about the products or services in your industry.

Industry News

If you are looking for a way to have a consistent stream of website visitors, this is it! Consider sharing weekly or monthly highlights on trends, new legislation, or product launches related to your industry. This is especially helpful for professionals.

Your WHY

This is simply your value proposition, the reason for your business being. Telling your audience why you started the business and the problem you are trying to solve will do several things for your business. First, it will be a behind-the-scenes peek at the founder’s motivations which will help your audience feel more connected. Secondly, it will compel authority and respect, which is an excellent sales conversion tool.

Your Customers’ Pain Points

Your customers are customers because there is a need (a pain) that your products solve. Talk about these pain points and offer a solution. For example, if you own skincare business, you can talk about acne or any other topic that your customers express as a pain point. Explain what causes acne, how to treat it, and the efficiency of your acne-control product. This will serve as both an informative piece and a sales pitch, albeit subtle.

Set Yourself up for Success

Several best practices can help you achieve better results with your blog. To highlight a few, make sure to do the following:

  • Publish regularly and consistently. Freshness is one of the factors that search engine algorithms use to rank content.
  • Target keywords that your audience is already searching. This will help you sort through the chaff in daily random internet users.
  • Promote your blog through other channels such as social media and get backlinks from other bloggers.
  • Personally connect with your audience and other thought leaders in your niche.

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