Research shows that over 4 million Americans resigned from their jobs in 2021. These large number of resignations contributed to approximately 10.9 million job openings. Many are referring to this mass exodus as The Great Resignation.

Losing a high number of workers affects the company’s performance. Thus, understanding why employees leave their jobs is critical for your organization.

Rethinking how to keep your team and prevent the cost of turnover can help you achieve your business goals. Read on to learn five tips to avoid dealing with The Great Resignation.

Communicate With Your Employees

Maintain an open communication channel in your company to understand your employees’ thoughts. Ask your team about what will make them stay in the company and note any support they need to succeed.

Constant communication will strengthen your company culture, encourage honesty, and reduce the chances of losing employees to The Great Resignation. Ensure you have meaningful communications to improve interactions, especially with the offsite employees.

Some ways you can use to link with your employees include:

  • Video calling
  • Holding one-on-one meetings
  • Calling your employees on the phone
  • Writing them emails

Encourage Career Development and Lateral Moves

Improving workplace professional development gives employees incentive to stay with your company. Consider creating a mentorship program for your staff to boost their confidence to work for you and give them a better chance of climbing up the ladder.

Providing a clear career path for your employees also helps maintain your brand’s competitiveness. Recognize your team members’ career goals before assigning them duties.

Plan training and skill improvement lessons to create opportunities that empower your employees. Also, encourage your staff to assume new roles in your brand. This action goes a long way in limiting the chances that they’ll join The Great Resignation.

Providing information about new opportunities will also help make employees feel valued.

Plan Suitable Working Options

People prefer working for companies with flexible schedules. Creating a flexible working environment will boost employee loyalty and productivity. Further, having plans that work for your employees will be convenient for your company.

Also, ensure your company has remote working options. Note if your firm can operate without all employees physically in the office. For some, a rotational remote working system works really well. The system limits isolation and makes employees feel valued.

Create an Inclusive Workplace

An inclusive workspace entails equity and diversity and makes your team feel comfortable. It improves productivity by engaging people from various cultural backgrounds with varying skills.

Creating an inclusive culture boosts employee morale. The best way to create this kind of culture is to ensure your hiring process represents individuals from all genders, races, and backgrounds.

Additionally, establish pay equity to make employees feel valued. Bridging any existing pay gaps will limit the chances of valued employees participating in The Great Resignation.

Protect Your Employees’ Health and Wellness

Various health crises come with uncertainty, contributing to stress and anxiety. Meaningful conversations with your employees can prevent mental health issues. Besides, offering the much-needed resources will keep your staff engaged when working.

Having manageable workloads reduces burnout and encourages employees to stay. If you have several assignments, give employees time off to improve their well-being.

Limit the Great Resignation in Your Workplace

Understanding your employees’ needs and fulfilling them helps you avoid great resignation. At the Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce, we will educate you on making your employees feel comfortable. We’ll also teach you to improve business visibility. Call us at 410-484-2337 or fill out our contact form to join a networking group that boosts your business.