No matter what the size, advertising for your business is essential to the future success of the company and brand. With the internet and social media occupying most of our daily lives, there are several options to advertise amongst the many platforms available. 


If you want to advertise for your business online but don’t know where to start, The Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce has you covered. Here are 6 ways to advertise your business online.

Advertise Online

6 Ways to Advertise 


1. Run a PPC Campaign


An oldie but a goodie, using PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns to advertise your business remains the top way to run digital marketing. Whether your company chooses to run a campaign on Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram, or another platform, this technique will be sure to increase your brand’s reach and the odds of conversion rates increasing.


2. Use Influencers 


Influencers are at the heart of digital marketing in today’s world. With this said, consider teaming up with a regional or national brand influencer relevant to your company’s brand niche who can help you boost sales. They can also think of new content ideas and ways to advertise that your business might not have otherwise considered. 


3. Blog Regularly


Regularly blogging not only keeps your business active in social media algorithms but also acts as a long-term strategy by working to build backlinks and increase keyword usage. 


4. Email Marketing Automation


While this process may seem like old-fashioned digital marketing, it still proves to be very successful even to this day. Just be sure to write super eye-catching and attention-grabbing subject lines and body text, and you’ll be sure to get a few click-throughs. 


5. Add Schema To Your Website


Schema helps increase your SERP (search engine ranking position) score, which naturally gives your business free advertising. When potential customers search for a product or service, the first results on Google are paid ads and companies that rank very highly. They aren’t paying to be result number one or two; their work on their website naturally gives them this advertising. 


With this said, adding schema and other SEO techniques will significantly improve your website visibility and hopefully provide a bit of advertising in the process. 


6. Offer a Free Product & Post About It


Many studies have shown that people are naturally drawn to free products or services. With this said, offering a promotion of this kind will increase the possibility of people visiting your website and act as a great advertising tool for social media sharing.


Advertise With The Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce


The Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce is a great way to increase visibility. When your company works with us, you can:


  • Increase business exposure through a business listing on our website 
  • Share your company event on our events calendar
  • Celebrate grand openings & ribbon cuttings
  • Get referrals by attending our many events or inquires received by the Chamber


For questions regarding the GBCC membership application process or additional benefits to having your website listed on our local business directory, call 410-484-2337.