The objective of a chamber of commerce is to bring together business owners and entrepreneurs to further the interests of their local business community. One of the ways to achieve this is through networking events where members interact with peers, mentors, and players from different industries.

The Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce understands the value of business networking events. As such, we organize various types of business networking events for our members to participate in.

Types of Business Networking Events Your Local Chamber of Commerce Offers

People are diverse and so are their social tendencies. Therefore, The Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce organizes different types of business networking events to cater to different schedules and stages. 

Below are some of the types of business networking events that are available to residents of greater Baltimore:

New Member Breakfast

This event happens after every quarter. Its main purpose is to introduce members who have joined within the past quarter to one year to the Chamber. It also provides a great opportunity to connect with other members.

Brown Bag Networking Lunch

In your local chamber of commerce in Baltimore, a networking lunch is held every first Wednesday of every month. Local Chamber members get to interact with like-minded people in an informal setting, which presents them with the best opportunity to finesse their 60-second business pitch.

Virtual Events

The Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce offers a complimentary member orientation event virtually. During the event, you interact with the Chamber president and Ambassadors as well as learn about the Chamber’s services, programs, and tech tools.

After Hours Networking

After-hours networking events offer members and prospective members the opportunity to meet players from different industries in a relaxed atmosphere. These events are usually held in a restaurant or bar and often feature a guest speaker.

Legislative Briefings

Twice a year, your local Chamber of Commerce invites government delegates to speak to its members about what is happening at the government level. It also grants the business community the opportunity to share ideas that the delegates can then advocate for in the General Assembly.

Annual Membership Meetings

Annual meetings are usually the most attended event as the Chamber highlights the past year’s successes and installs new leaders. Owing to the attendance, you can be sure to network with members from various sectors.

Mega Networking Events

These business networking events are organized by chambers and business associations throughout Baltimore County. Members get to meet prospects from all industries multiple times a year. They are a great way to increase your networking reach. You also get an opportunity to join multiple businesses as a vendor. B2B and B2C.

The Benefits of Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Joining a chamber of commerce can present you and your business with a wide array of benefits, including:


Chambers of commerce often release publications that feature their members’ products, which is likely to increase the visibility of your products.


Being a member of your local chamber of commerce positively affects other organizations, businesses, and customers’ perceptions of your brand. 


Networking events organized by your local chamber of commerce provide opportunities to learn, grow business contacts, and stay on top of industry trends.

Become a Member of The Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce serves over 300 member businesses from Pikesville, Owing Mills, Reisterstown, and Northwest Baltimore. As a member, you will have the chance to grow connections through the different types of business networking events we offer.

Contact us today or call us directly at 410-484-2337 to learn how you can become a part of our chamber.