Business owners and entrepreneurs need to wear multiple hats to meet their business goals. Belonging to a community of like-minded people with similar interests can provide priceless value to your business.

Chambers of commerce exist to provide that type of community. A chamber of commerce is a non-profit organization of business owners and entrepreneurs who promote a common business interest in their local community.

The Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce can help you meet your business goals as it avails resources and connections that you’d otherwise struggle to find on your own.

How the Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce Can Help You Meet Your Business Goals

Below are some ways in which the Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce can help you meet your business goals:

Financial Connections

Our Chamber has close relationships with many financial institutions. We can leverage these connections through networking to help you meet the right bankers you need to secure funding for your business’s next milestone.

Availing growth opportunities

Our Chamber organizes networking events that bring together entrepreneurs and industry movers from various industries. This allows you to build connections that might result in future business collaborations, partnerships, and mentorship. Want an example? Check out how chamber member Warnken Law met chamber board member Heidi Marie Bell, whose commercial head shots of Attorney Byron Warnken are now on every MTA bus in the area.

Increasing sales

Most chambers of commerce promote their member businesses through their marketing outlets, such as newsletters, social media, and websites. The Greater Baltimore Chamber exposes your business to more people, thus increasing your sales. Being a member of a chamber of commerce makes people perceive your business as credible, which makes them more likely to patronize your business. 

A stronger voice

A chamber of commerce brings people with common interests together. This provides you a stronger voice to lobby against the government on issues that negatively affect your business, such as tax policies, legal reforms, and economic reforms. The Greater Baltimore Chamber advocated for more PPP funding during the pandemic at the state and federal level. We regularly engage our local elected leaders for business-friendly legislation and action. We keep our membership in the know with Legislative Previews and Wrap Ups every session.

Serving your community

Chambers of commerce often partner with local organizations to raise awareness of local needs, such as education and social justice. This provides business owners and entrepreneurs an avenue to serve their community directly. Some chambers also organize charity events geared to the same purpose. Check out the Greater Baltimore Chamber’s program, UPlift Greater Baltimore to learn more about making a difference in our community.

Why to Choose the Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce serves members of the Pikesville, Owings Mills, Reisterstown and Northern Baltimore communities. With over 300 members, we help businesses make valuable connections.

Our goal is to promote business success within the Greater Baltimore community. In addition to professional development and networking opportunities, a membership also comes with member-to-member discounts, saving on office supplies and marketing materials, as well as increased credibility within the community. 

Learn How the Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce Can Help You Meet Your Business Needs

Get in touch via our website or call us directly at 410-484-2337 to learn how you can join the Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce.