Networking is an integral part of any industry, but health and wellness professionals especially need to focus on mingling because of the nature of their jobs. Especially during the pandemic, when appointments were tough to come by, and there were not enough healthcare workers, it was essential to refer clients to other locations if need be. 

Networking for Wellness Professionals

A consistent network of health professionals in your area will help grow your business’s visibility and support customers’ well-being.


Ways for Health & Wellness Professionals to Network


Social Media Groups 


Social media groups are an easy and effective way to network with other professionals within the health and wellness field. Also, local events such as business luncheons and meetups are frequently posted within these groups, so the more your business is involved, the more you can participate in events (virtual and in-person) throughout the year. 


While Instagram doesn’t have groups per se, it is also essential that your business is active on this platform. With hundreds of millions of users per day worldwide, this is yet another critical way to grow your business’s visibility and online network community organically.


Present at Virtual Conferences 


Virtual conferences make it easier to connect with other colleagues during COVID-19 and communicate with people from all over the world. Especially in health and wellness, it is crucial to be able to share and exchange knowledge with as many people from as many places as possible.


Presenting at these conferences will also give your business credibility within the field and is a great way to get your company’s name out there. When you are seen as an expert in your area, the likelihood of new customers trying out your business dramatically increases. Also, the more your business is present and works to get your brand’s name out there, the more it becomes a household name, and referrals are made via word of mouth.


Create Quality Content 


Creating quality content will increase the likelihood that potential customers will find and engage with your content, keeping your business fresh in the algorithm and helping to improve your reach organically. 


Website content such as consistent blog posts and updates and social media content such as frequent video, article, and image posting are great examples of quality content. 


Network With The Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce


If you are looking to network your health and wellness business, we might be able to help. When your company works with The Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce, the networking possibilities are endless. 


When your business is accepted, there are networking membership benefits, including:


  • Monthly networking events
  • Monthly Small Business Forum access
  • Mega-Networking event (held two times a year)
  • FREE Federation Membership to the Maryland Chamber of Commerce 




At the Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce, we also offer the Healthcare & Wellness Leadership Institute.


Because 30 percent of our membership falls within the health and wellness industry, we created an institute of health and wellness professionals from across the spectrum to network with other practitioners in the field! Any healthcare professional employed by a GBCC member business can participate in the H&W Leadership Institute. 


Participants will meet six times a year and discuss best practices they can easily implement at work. Regular attendance is expected. Learn more!


For questions regarding the GBCC membership application process or additional benefits to having your website listed on our local business directory, call 410-484-2337.