As more people embrace their devices, you may discover that technology is your friend. Software and electronic devices have become more user-friendly over the years. Most people can do an amazing number of tasks with their devices.


Almost everyone is using email today, so sending a weekly or monthly newsletter is a no-brainer. You may find that a few people will unsubscribe. However, keep them anxiously awaiting the next email with engaging and useful content and not spammy, salesy notes that no one wants to read. Constant Contact or MailChimp will help you design and mail the newsletter to your entire mailing list with little effort.


You can get apps that will allow you to send texts to your audience for specials and events. It’s as easy as sending a single text but will go to your entire mailing list. While most people don’t mind an occasional text, be careful not to send too many. If you do, people will opt out of the list.


Digital calendars are a handy and easy way to keep track of your schedule. Use a calendar that will go across all your devices so you can sync them to all have the same information without missing any appointments.

You can add a calendar (Calendly) to your website where people can sign up to either get a call from you or a Zoom appointment. Show your availability on the calendar. Website visitors can add themselves for an appointment with just a few clicks.


Some people claim to have Zoom burnout from so many meetings on the platform over the past three years. But using Zoom is an excellent way to meet with people who either cannot physically meet in person or don’t have the time. Share your screen to show a presentation or use a whiteboard to share information. Meet with several people anywhere in the country (or the world). If there are a lot of people in a meeting, divide the group into smaller break-out rooms and then come back to the main room for a group discussion. You can even give webinars on the platform.

Social Media

With social media, you can tell everyone about new products or services instantly. Let them know about upcoming events or live streams. Share tips and tricks about your industry, give behind-the-scene tours, and let them see what you do each day. Keep your name in front of your audience and grow your brand through posts.

Social media can be a great way for people to get in touch for customer service issues as well. Always respond as soon as possible to keep clients and prospects happy.


While social media gives the latest news, your website offers more general information about your business. A list of your goods and/or services is essential. Let people know who you are in the About Us page. Remember to include a contact page where people can get in touch with you.


Give website visitors instant general information or frequently asked questions with chatbots. Reach out to them later with a one-on-one interaction that fits into your schedule. Visitors will appreciate that you want to interact in every way you can.


There are so many apps to help you in your business such as Waze (directions with real-time updates to traffic), Networking apps, WhatsApp (text or call people worldwide) and so many more that can make your life easier. You can even create an app for your business that keeps people updated on what is going on with you and your business.

CMS (content management systems)

Asana, Trello and others will organize your sales from first contact all the way down the pipeline. Assign tasks to your staff or make checklists for yourself. Make sure you take every step to get and keep your clients. Don’t let anyone slip through the cracks.

While some people are afraid of or dislike technology, it is here to stay. Technology is your friend, embrace it!

Holli Friedland is a freelance writer, graphic artist and social media maven. She is a board member of the Chamber. Reach her via email or her website,