Businesses need to understand their target audience to market efficiently. That information dictates how they communicate, where they should focus their marketing efforts, and which advertising channels they should use.

Gen Z, a generation made up of 10 to 24-year-olds, now forms over 40% of U.S. consumers. It is, therefore, essential for marketers and brands to understand how they can effectively market to Baltimore Gen Z members.

Characteristics of Gen Z

Whether living in Baltimore or other parts of the world, the Gen Z generation has inherent characteristics that can help marketers develop effective marketing strategies. Growing up in the internet and mobile technology age, most Gen Zers are highly tech-savvy.

Gen Zers also have strong values and opinions. They’re socially conscious, and you’re more likely than not to hear a Gen Zer say that they’re doing their part to make the world a better place.

A Gen Zer will seamlessly switch between apps on their phone, transfer their focus to the TV, and switch to their laptop, all in a short span. These characteristics can help local marketers form strategies that’ll aid them in marketing to Baltimore Gen Z.

Your Guide to Marketing to Baltimore Gen Z

For a marketing campaign to be efficient, you need to have a clear customer avatar.  You should know your prospects’ demographics and behavior. Here are some tips to guide you in marketing to Baltimore Gen Z:

Keep Your Content Interesting

Baltimore Gen Z have a significantly shorter concentration span compared to millennials. Researchers estimate that Gen Zer’s concentration span in online platforms is 8% compared to their millennial counterparts’ 12%. 

Therefore, when marketing to Baltimore Gen Z, you should keep your communication concise and prioritize video content. Furthermore, all the major social media platforms’ algorithms currently favor video content.

Take a Mobile-First Approach

Gen Z spend the majority of their time online. Their favorite devices? Mobile phones. When marketing to Baltimore Gen Z, optimize for mobile-first. Ensure that your website provides a seamless experience on mobile and that all visual content can play smoothly and in the right dimension on mobile.

Be Authentic and Transparent

Baltimore Gen Zers are socially conscientious and value ethical brands. They like to know where things come from and the manufacturing process. They’re also highly opinionated and have strong values. Supporting all types of causes ranging from animal rights to social justice, most of them shop from brands with values that align with theirs. 

Incorporate Influencer Marketing

Gen Z forms the next generation of social influencers in Baltimore. With all the tools at their disposal, they’ve endless platforms to share their opinions and knowledge. Most Gen Zers find their favorite social media influencers more relatable than mainstream celebrities. 

They’re more likely to try out products that influencers recommend. Therefore, you should build close relationships with influencers who share common values.

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